Friday, May 25, 2012

Silent movies & Facebook

This week, I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Institute for Manufacturing here at Cambridge. What an impressive creative learning space!  I am grateful for my colleague, Ken Platts' invitation and tour of the facilities.  As a long-time experiential educator and 'teams' person, I really liked the energy and hands-on approach to learning afforded by their purpose-built facilities. The building is clearly designed with an appreciation of what can happen in the precious space of face-to-face.

The talk went well, but  there was no sound cable for my laptop (my fault - I forgot to say I needed one), which meant the videos were barely audible across the room. As I walked back to Clare Hall on a beautiful spring day, I thought why not link those clips and a few other favorites to this blog?

So, in this week of the Cannes Film Festival, I am launching a 'Cannes-ectivity' page, where you'll find a few of my favorite video clips related to connectivity.

I am also creating a mirror page on Facebook that will have the same content as this blog. I am curious to see how that works.  The page has the same name: Connectivity Corner.

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