Friday, May 25, 2012

Cannes-ectivity Video Collection

Here are some video links you might like.

The magic of face-to-face presence

'Being there is everything' (Air New Zealand ad)

Philadelphia Opera Company - the magic of 'here and now'

The magic of global connectivity
Cisco ad series: 'Welcome to the human network'

Cisco: 'Meeting face-to-face without traveling place-to-place'

'One Love' ('Playing for change' series)

Wired people should understand wires: The mundane magic of the Internet.

Distributed Work
'Why telecommuting is good for you' (and good for business) (Amy Clark, MinuteMBA YouTube channel)

The importance of disconnects

Susan Cain: The power of introverts (TED Talk)

William Powers, author of Hamlet's BlackBerry (PBS Interview)

Visions of the Future

Google glasses (highly-integrated, personal, unobtrusive connectivity in action)

Microsoft's vision (highly-integrated intersection of personal-professional-family)

Corning's vision (very 'sociomaterial,' but which came first, Microsoft's or Corning's vision of basically the same thing)

i2050 (spoof of iPhone phenomenon)

Marc Goodman's vision of crime in the future (TED Talk).

Todd Humphreys TED Talk on the good, bad and not unproblematic sides of GPS in the future.

I hate it when that happens...

A squirrel ate my Internet: Andrew Blum on the physical reality of the Internet.

Surprisingly inspiring: TED Talk by Renny Gleeson on '404 pages as disconnects,'

Now, that's just silly

The Internet: Lessons from the Future (the Poke)

Social Media Parody (time well wasted)

Cisco: 'Business travel without the travel'

'American workers outsourcing their jobs' (Onion News)

'iWorld 2050' (iEverything spoof)

'The Humans are Dead.' (Flight of the Conchords)


Unknown said...

Where's that manufacturing clip? I've had some trouble with my PC and went looking for it today but can't find it.

Unknown said...

Darl, have you seen Susan Cain's TED talk? It's about the power of introverts in a social world. I'd be interested in your thoughts about this topic.

Connectivity Corner said...

Hey Don,

Thanks, I loved that talk from Susan Cain.

Have posted in my video library.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. My roommate has already crossed the Atlantic.