Thursday, May 3, 2012

'Chance favors the connected mind'

Let's shift gears from loneliness and think about some of the good, great things that happen with increased connectivity.

In a great, fast-paced video, 'where good ideas come from', Steven Johnson articulates how good ideas come from contact with others (see book of same title in Reading List).  He highlights that great ideas don't just appear out of nowhere, complete and ready to go, but rather they take time to develop.  And, importantly, great ideas often come from my partial idea 'colliding' with your idea to make a better idea.  In the enormous flow of information, rather than overwhelming us, Johnson proclaims that, 'chance favors the connected mind.'  So, don't be afraid to stay connected!

Now, here is a connectivity quiz:

Question: Which Seattle-based company has done the most for global connectivity?

b. Boeing
c. Microsoft
d. Starbucks

Answer next week.

I have added a Reading List to the blog, where you can get references to books and authors.


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