Monday, February 2, 2015

Rate, rank, review...right back at you!

Giving feedback is a good thing, right?  We love heaping praise (or scorn) on those who serve us.  It makes them better, stronger, faster!  And, it makes us feel so much better.

But, the tables may be turning as this article in the NY Times suggests, where taxi drivers are now rating their Uber customers.  So, be careful what you say about the cabby, or next time you may be refused service or treated as consumer non grata. Of course, honest rewards for good behaviour makes sense.  But, just as tipping can become an expectation, what happens when the game becomes two parties gaming each other with both parties' reputation at stake?

Is this a good thing?  I couldn't possibly comment.

See my earlier post on Rate, rank and review and the cult of verification.

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