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Global Connectivity Webinar - 29 January 2015

On the 29th of January (North American time), I will be participating in a webinar on 'global connectivity' sponsored by the Global Connectivity Research Institute (GCRI).
The Global Connectivity Research Institute has developed tools to help dynamically visualize official global connectivity of every state on earth and most of the regional and global bodies, organizations, etc. to which those states belong as those bodies have evolved throughout deep history. This is real perspective. This is the foundation on which realistic deep strategic thinking, leading, and planning rests.

Join us on the 29th of January 2015 for the webinar.
Presenters include Timothy (Tim) Williamson, Founder and Director of GCRI, Admiral Kikareas PhD (HN Ret.), Capt. Wayne Porter PhD (USN Ret.), and myself. 

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Updated 4 March 2015

Audio recording of my talk, click here.



Global Connectivity Research Institute (GCRI)

“seeking to understand the origin, evolution, and trajectory of human connectivity”




The 29th is almost here. Please register for the webinar.


16 Jan 2015

Webinar Information:

·        Title: “How an empirical knowledge of human connectivity should inform deep strategic thinking, leading, & planning.”  

o   For deep thinkers and strategic leaders, and those who want to be - the work of GCRI resolves the classic conundrum between the value of  a posteriori vs a priori based understanding in favor of an empirical foundation on which deep strategic thinking can be finally realized. It’s all a matter of information, perspective, and scale  - said the cat to Alice (massively paraphrased of course TW - adapted from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,’ 1865).

·        Purpose:

o   Reason #1:

§  To provide a tool to easily visualize regional and global connectivity of every state and official organization on the planet from a current and historical perspective

o   Reason #2:

§  To provide the platform from which the connectivity in the visualization tool may be studied, analyzed, and projections made from an empirical foundation so that a more precise strategic narrative can be made with the greatest possible perspective.

o   Reason #3:

§  Provide insight into how best to utilize an understanding of the origin, evolution, & trajectory of human connectivity to make informed deep strategic decisions.

·        YouTube short videos about the webinar and GCRI on KUMU:

o   GCRI video  Webinar info

o   GCRI video  How are Russia, the USA, and Myanmar connected?

·        Applicability:

o   Governments

o   Militaries

o   NGO’s

o   IGO’s

o   Regional and global governance bodies & organizations

o   Business

o   Academics

·        Schedule:

o   29 Jan 2015 between 1000 & 1300 CST USA (between 1400 &1900 UTC)

Bio update of presenters:

1.     Admiral Peter Kikareas PhD,

a.     Hellenic Navy, NATO, Retired

b.     Europe, Eurasia & Mediterranean subject matter expert

c.     Has worked with US DHS

d.     lives in Florida


2.               Capt. Wayne Porter PhD

a.               US Navy, former head of the Complex Sciences Department at the Naval Post Grad School, Retired

b.               Co-Founder of National Strategic Narrative, and co-author of the document produced by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in 2011 by the same name, both in collaboration with LtCol Mark Mykleby (USMC Retired)


3.               Dr. Darl Kolb (PhD, Cornell)

a.               Professor of Connectivity in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland Business School, Auckland, New Zealand.

b.               a pioneering theorist on social and technical connectivity.

c.               Visiting Fellow at the University of Sydney and the University of Cambridge.  

d.               Makes presentations around the world, most recently to the US Army.

e.               He discusses the connects and disconnects of life on his blog, Connectivity Corner (

4.               Timothy ‘Tim’ Williamson

 .                 Founder and creator of GRCI

a.               Creator of GCRI on KUMU - mappings of the origin and evolution of official regional and global connectivity of states and IGO’s.

b.               Numerous papers on

c.               LinkedIn Profile for more info

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