Friday, August 3, 2012

Go, (connected) Teams, Go!

My colleague, Paul Collins (University of Washington) and I will be presenting some findings from our recent empirical study of distributed work teams at a Showcase Symposium (HR and OB Divisions) of the annual conference of the American Academy of Management in Boston (7 August).

The Symposium is called: 'Connectivites and Disconnectivities in Contemporary Work' and is Chaired by Clare Kelliher (Cranfield) and Julia Richardson (York).

Kristine Dery (University of Sydney) presented 'Permission to disconnect: Lessons learned from from a study of mobile connectivity in financial services' (co-authored with Judi MacCormick, UNSW).

Pascale Peters (Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands) presented work conducted with Lisa van den Berg (Hay Group) and Beatrice Van der Heijden, also of Radboud University Nijmegen, entitled: 'Shaping boundaries between work and private life to maintain higher levels of work engagement.'

Connects and disconnects interact as a 'duality,' like group norms and individual free will, or like individuals and groups, where the each exists in a perpetual dynamic with the other.  No connection is perfectly permanent, nor is anything or anyone totally disconnected.

In work contexts, the more connected we are, the more disconnects matter.  According to the findings  we will present next week, getting the right balance of connectivity makes a big difference for team performance.  Copies of our presentation available upon request from Paul Collins.

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