Friday, December 18, 2020

Special Issue: Connectivity in and around Organizations

 Connectivity in and around Organizations

Connectivity has become the foundation for organizing as it increasingly underpins and defines the way we live and work. Understanding the world of digital connectivity is central to our ability to understand human social behaviors. Moreover, even as globalization comes under threat, it is difficult to imagine a world without pervasive connectivity. 


In the current Special Issue of Organization Studies, we summarize four waves of connectivity-globalizationsocializationpersonalization and datafication—that combine to create opportunities and challenges for contemporary organizations and draw upon currently emerging challenges to suggest enduring tensions and trade-offs for connectivity research in the future. 


Articles included within the collection address a wide range of topics, from behavioral visibility in an age of datafication, developing interpersonal connectivity efficacy in emergency settings, opening and protecting professional boundaries for high-performance, social media usage to support diversity within and beyond organizations, and the implications of anywhere/anytime work as career challenge/barrier for those required to work across time zones. 


Darl Kolb, Marleen Huysman, Kristine Dery and Anca Metiu (Guest Editors), Organization Studies Special Issue: ‘Connectivity in and around Organizations,’ Volume 41, Number 12, December 2020.


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