Friday, December 23, 2016

Is nothing sacred?

The answer is 'yes.'

In these troubled, cynical times, when every element of human sensibility and decency seems up for grabs, it is important to see the special, 'sacred' aspects of life around us.

Time with loved ones is sacred.

Time with friends is sacred.

Family time can be sacred.

Quiet time can be sacred.

Time alone can be sacred.

Walks/runs/rides/swims/paddles, etc can be sacred.

Teacher-student (Mentor-apprentice) relationships can be sacred.

Letter writing (including emails, txts, message chats) can be sacred, especially holiday cards, of which we still get a few.

For many years, we used to create a holiday greeting card to send to family and friends.  They often featured special travel destinations (tourist shots), or mountain/river landscapes, or silly shots, like us hanging upside down ('Heading down under' was the caption.) when we got the offer to move to New Zealand.  This has been a particularly awful year on many levels and dimensions.  And, even so, or maybe because of all that has happened this year, I feel inclined to celebrate all the good we still have in our taking a Christmas photo.

Here's to whatever is sacred to you and yours.

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