Friday, April 13, 2012

Engaged, or just connected?

In his recent Harvard Business Review blogNdubuisi Ekekwe has taken up the discussion of when, where and how much connectivity makes sense in terms of productivity and personal well being.

As in any good debate, there is a natural, back-and-forth, on-the-one-hand/on-the-other-hand quality to the blog posts, i.e., we need to serve our customers in a globalized economy, but we also need to have a life.

Judi MacCormick, Kristine Dery and I have an article in press (see 'Engaged, or just connected?' forthcoming in Organization Dynamics) that identifies three types of smartphone user, namely 'hypo-connectors,' 'dynamic connectors,' and 'hyper-connectors.'

A typology of smartphone users provides a good starting point for understanding variations in smartphone (connectivity) behaviors.  Of course, we need to understand more about what makes one person a 'hypo-connector' and another person 'hyper-connector,' whether 'dynamic connectors' have better work-life balance, etc.?

Darl Kolb
Cambridge, UK

Key words: connectivity, HBR, Judith MacCormick, engaged or just connected

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